An Evening of GRACE 2021

Yesterday was a dream come true, a vision fulfilled. An Evening of GRACE came to life.

I find I have so many ideas—so many ways that I want to share beauty and compassion with others and bring people together in unity.

I have been blessed with an incredible “new-ish” friend that helped me take one of these ideas and turn it into reality within a matter of THREE weeks! Sandy, God has clearly brought us and our families together. I am abundantly grateful for you.

We could have delayed until next year, but it was so clear that it was needed now. This year. This family.

Dance Tech & Talent were phenomenal in organizing their dancers and bringing powerful storytelling through dance. Beau & Kristin are one of a kind as studio owners, and I have been so encouraged by their support—the studio even raised money for the family through a Caring Coins Campaign!

After last night, we have raised over $2,500 for the Faddis family in less than two weeks. Thank you community for showing up for them.

If you wanted to support, you have not missed your chance yet! We have decided to keep the PayPal account open for another week before delivering a check to the family.

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