Year 1 to Year 2

I can see the inner world changes appearing in physical differences in my face–my eyes, my smile–and in my body–my posture, my walk.

The 2021 pageant was very different than the COVID Judges only pageant of 2020. I enjoyed hearing the audience cheering every time I was on stage. I knew beforehand that it would help, I did not realize how much it would help me keep my energy and enjoyment. I am grateful for each audience member that was there waving the signs and screaming as loud as the could and smiling at me as we made eye contact throughout.

When people show up to support other people, energy is created–movement is created–growth is possible.

I do not believe that solitary growth is possible. We were made for relationships and we thrive best when we are with other likeminded people. I am evidence of that–and this pageant has changed me and helped me heal.

I am so excited for Darcy Castro to compete in Mrs. America. She is so humble and sweet spirited. She is going to do an amazing job representing Georgia.

And I am so honored to be the People’s Choice Winner and 2nd runner up overall–and improvement from last year’s 4th runner up placement.

I am going to take some time to process the areas of growth I need before training again, but I am excited about being part of the 2022 cohort next year!

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