About Me and My Why

Wife, Mother, Entrepreneur ā€“
I want to spark hope.

Life has so many ways for any one of us to fall prey to defeat. We have all faced heartbreak in one way or another through loss, trauma, injury, sickness, accidents, and failures. It’s when we stay in the heartbreak and decide to not press forward, that it is just too hard, that life becomes stagnant and pale. We need a support system. We need a growing purpose. We need life giving food. We need to be moving.

I am especially passionate about hope and restoration for those facing chronic illnesses. I seek out opportunities to champion organizations like the Nancy Taylor Foundation for Chronic Illnesses, which is making headway in research toward positive treatments for chronic illnesses, as well as others like Helping One Woman (H.O.W.) that have hands on events to support families facing these diagnoses. I have also started my own event based outreach called GRACE Events to raise funds for local families facing the challenges of chronic illnesses locally.


Managing Teams

My husband and I own a primary care and counseling practice in Kennesaw, GA. My role in the business is as Executive Director. My goal is to find the right people for the positions we need, get them what they need to be able to do it, and serve them as leader. Being mindful of WHO and WHY over WHAT and How is incredibly important.

Speaking in Public

From recounting an experience of sexual assault during college to discussing what it is like as an interracial family to educating sports teams how to avoid injury, I have experience speaking on a variety of topics and leaving groups with a noteworthy action item.

Organizing Pathways

Envisioning a project from start to finish and then researching all of the possible (sometimes winding) possibilities on how to get there gets me excited! When you have a goal, there is usually not one isolated path to achieving it. Imagining and Collaborating are prime values for me. When you add some Bravery in there, the road to the goal becomes a highway!

Writing & Designing

Aesthetics and words are the gateway for me to make an impact on another person’s life. I show that I care by making environments, graphics, and websites beautiful. I use that visual beauty by giving it a power punch through specific and carefully chosen words for each project.


Executive Director at Mind & Body Christian Health Group


Spanish Teacher at Eagles Landing Christian


Licensed Massage Therapist in Georgia


Masters of International Affairs from Ga Tech


Let’s make something together.

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