From Sidekick to Superhero

In 2019–I was afraid to be seen. I hid behind my husband. I let him be in the spotlight. I feared someone noticing me, calling me forward, and then being disappointed that they ever had given me a chance.

Thankfully–there were people in my life that saw me anyway and continued to call forth the good things God placed within me—the beauty He bestowed upon me as a woman—and the fierce love I have for those I lead.

“But you own a company and lead a team… didn’t these people see you?”

Well… vulnerability is an interesting journey, and I am not quite sure where or why I began to hide who I am. Childhood Experiences + Teenage Stupidity + Sexual Trauma + Career Decisions + Getting Married + Becoming a Mom probably all had their ways of communicating expectations to which I couldn’t measure up. To be fair, these factors did not actually communicate the expectations, but rather, my perception of who I SHOULD be considering all the things in my life led to a pretty grotesque view of a Brittany Mae Browne that just simply did not exist–and really would never be able to exist because I was not designed to be her! (wow that was a long run on sentence)

I am in the process of unlearning, relearning, and just good ole fashioned learning who I am designed to be throughout my lifetime.

I am unlearning the characteristics of stiff, rigid, shy, unavailable, depleted. I have been all these things for years now, and I just can’t anymore.

I am relearning the characteristics of creative, colorful, spontaneous, interested, and open. They’ve always been there and would peak out from time to time in the last decade, but I am freeing them more and more each day.

I am learning the art of presenting myself externally as a full reflection of who I am internally.

The 2020 Mrs. Georgia America Pageant was a wonderful opportunity to showcase how far I have come in one year. Maybe it was a quiet transformation to most. Certainly strangers would have no idea.

I am looking forward to competing again, to sharing a weekend with other beautiful and inspiring women, to spending invaluable time with coaches and mentors in preparation, to connecting with the Kennesaw community in meaningful ways, and to documenting the process diligently.

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